Education M.Eng (Mechatronics) B.Tech (Mechanical Engg)

Job title Tech Writer

Location Vancouver, Ca

Daljot Singh

"The only constant is change."

About me

I'm a writer, engineer, and public policy enthusiast. Ever since childhood I've been curious about the inner workings of things around me. This curiosity about the mechanics of the world around motivated me to take engineering six years ago, and now has ignited a desire to understand the mechanics of society we live in. Throughout my little journey from making my own toys to being an engineer, and from India to Canada, writing has been an integral part of my life— a window for me to see the world, or a brush to paint it rainbow.


  • Observe and absorb the mechanics of the world and figure out the pain points.

  • Through self-realization, touch as many lives as possible.


  • Engage with and change the world for good.

  • Keep the creative work flowing.

Pain points

  • Too many hats to wear.

  • Cannot always find the right catalyst.