How to get your free website using Google Sites under 5 minutes?

Daljot Singh
May 15, 2020

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What is Google Sites?

Just like Google Drive also has some other features such as Google Forms, and Google Sheets; it also has this pretty cool feature called Google Sites, which lets you have as many sites as you want for free.

Why Google Sites?

Unlike some other website services who let you have free websites, but have their logos all over your website and only provide you with limited features, unless you eventually pay them something; there is no Google logo in Google Sites, and the service comes with complete features. As a matter of fact, Google doesn't even have a paid version of this service.

How to create the website?

  1. First of all, go to

  2. Here, you'll see a set of templates which you can use as they fit the purpose of your website, or alternatively, you can just start a blank website.

  3. Then comes the editing.

    • You can just type in the text, no HTML needed.

    • You can also embed any other page or YouTube video by just double clicking in the editor.

    • To choose a layout, use the Layouts section in the Insert tab on the right.

    • You can add more pages from the Pages tab.

    • Themes tab lets you have several cool themes

  4. Finally, when you are ready to publish, you can just hit the Publish button on the top-right.

  5. Here you can choose an address you like and publish.

Stay tuned:

The URL provided by Google Sites looks way better than those offered by other free website services. If you'd like to have a custom URL, then you can definitely purchase one as explained in my previous blog, and point your website to that using Google Sites which is my next blog. So kindly stay tuned for that. Hope you had a good read, suggestions welcome through the Contact form.